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الأربعاء، 24 مارس 2010

learn google adsense

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and

Google AdSense!!
What is Google AdSense?

Is a service from Google ads and you can take part in Google's profit, how?
Tabany here and you will learn everything
Personal Interests:
Many of us do not know what Google Adsense or blurred by his information, unfortunately, but the fact that they swept through the hurricane all the sites on the Internet, and may not find a location away so that Google AdSense ads, why not take advantage of this flood, as much as possible?

First, there are two types Google Adsense and Google Adwords

Google Adwords you need if you want to advertise on your site you can buy ads in google search results that appear on the left that you Tlahzawnha when your use of Google.

Here you party declared by the Google.
Why do Google here?

Google has a lot of advertisers through the Google Adwords Is it enough search results in Google search engine?
Of course not.

There is another party for the future of advertising system called Google Adsense is the thing for taking it from Google ads Google Adwords to take it for you.

What will you or Google?
Everyone will be happy in the end, and to you the details:

There are 3 parties in this process 1 - you. 2 - Google. 3 - the advertiser.

1 - will benefit you commissions on every click whenever a visitor to your site for Google ads.
2 - Google will benefit part of the value of the click it without getting tired, it's here to play the role of mediator between you and the advertiser guarantees the you your rights and ensures their ads without cheating (and will come back to the point of fraud because it is very important)

3 - stated that the ads will benefit spread over an area large sites without the need to pay for the visitor not only to its declaration.

Everything here is whether the role and interest, and everyone here happy.

The first thing if you do not have the site do not worry you can also win
You can work in the Google Blog and get the account and Google Adsense Inzmlk every need automatic example


Log in to my blog and see the Google ads on the flank and in the middle of Google's all automatic and no one pressed by Google Ihsply money on advertising as possible, or 10 cents a quarter

Enter from the example and see for yourself and you can create your own blog now and put out any topics you want, and starts the deployment of the link for your blog on the Internet, to enter upon the people and Ichahduha

But frankly why many fail? And why a lot of deleted accounts!!

In fact, the fault is not from Google's AdSense system, it has a very tough in dealing with irregularities and was to delete the account without warning and blamed them back here, I will mention here some of the reasons to delete the account:
Of course, the most important reason is that you are clicking on ads on your site and of course does not alert you until you reach the amount of Albay August Vtjd أيميلك that in the message that you wed News delete your account.

Or to be in your phrases in Arabic or pictures or anything that motivates visitors to click on ads, of course, and unfortunately, I notice a lot of sites owned by Arabs in this way.

Do not think you were deceived that Google received the first check, for example may fly your account at any time when exposure of your order.

Also publish links to your site or chat rooms can work spamming and other methods that cause a firm to delete your account. And there is much in terms of Google Adsense but the Arabs do not like reading in particular to the conditions and laws.

Does this mean that the profit from Google is impossible and that the won will be canceled our expense!
It is very simple, all you need is to take care of first, the content of your site.

Visiting your site did not come to force him to click on the ads you have come to benefit by information or service, and whenever your site is valuable whenever he stayed more time in your site and put pressure on the ads more and more N will return to your site again and possibly called more to you. So why do not care about this point with it the most important and only care about how best fraud?

Another important element and is the place to advertise your position!

Yes, where to place advertising, and choice of sizes and other things very, very important.
Do not let your hang ads and only two lines in the bottom of the page talking about a subject, this method failed to cancel the account and the end of course.

We must care about the content of the site first and be abundant information and useful, secondly, that we know how to put these ads on the site, and we know how to attract visitors to your site.

If you are able to achieve these conditions, I guarantee you success, God willing. Some sites earn 200-300 dollars a day from Google AdSense ads, why not just be them

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