محمود عبد الحفيظ

محمود عبد الحفيظ
لو لم أكن صعيدى ... كنت هزعل اوى ... محمود عبد الحفيظ

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الخميس، 2 ديسمبر 2010

He died yesterday, who hinder your progress

 He died yesterday, who hinder your progress

In a few days

Staff arrived to their place of work and saw a large painting hanging on the main door of the workplace

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"He died yesterday, the person who was hindering your progress and your growth in this company!

We hope you enter and attend the funeral in the hall devoted to it! "

At the outset all staff sadness of the death of one of their colleagues at work, but after a few moments have a staff of curiosity to see this person who was standing obstacle to the progress and growth of their company!

Staff began to enter the room to take a farewell look at the body and the security men took the company's role within the process of entering the individual to see the person inside the coffin.

And whenever he sees someone is inside the coffin and suddenly become unable to speak as if something had touched the depths of his soul.

There has been at the bottom of the shroud mirror reflects the image of everyone who looks into the coffin and a small sign next to her says "There is one person in this world can put an end to your ambition and your growth in this world which is you"

Your life does not change when it changes your manager or change your friends or your spouse or your company or your workplace or your financial situation.

Your life change when you change and stop at the border and you set for yourself! Watch your character and your abilities do not be afraid of difficulties and losses and the things that you see is impossible!

Be a winner always!

Put limits on this basis.

To make a difference in your life.

And this would be good putting our trust in God, not complacency and taking the means and dedication to God and dedication to work

And away from despair, frustration and helplessness and laziness.

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